Spirit Filled Woman Of God Sister's In Christ Ministries                   

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Quotes Fathe God, I thank You and give you honor and glory, for the love and direction of my life and for the protection you have given me and my family, and all of my sister's and brother's in Christ. Y ou Father or great and awesome inall that you do. You Father are powerful in every way. Father I bless You with my heart, soul. body and my mind. Thank You Father for loving us all inspite of all our sinful ways. In Jesus name, Amen. Rev. Doris J. Dorsey Quotes
Rev. Doris J. Dorsey

Quotes Father, God I bless Your holy name for all that you have done, doing and going to do. I glorify Your Holy and Righteous name,not because of what You Father and you alone have done. But because You love me and my family, it is You that keeps us, it is you that protect us, feed us, shelters us, hurt with us, heals us and gave Your own Son to die for us. I thank You Father I praise You with my heart in Spirit and Truth. I love You, I adore You, all praises and thanksgiving goes to You. There is no one like You, no one can love us , save us, and give us eternal life, an eternal joyful resting place in Your peace. Thank you, Father, thank you,Father in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. amen, amen Quotes
Rev. Doris J. Dorsey
Praising God!!